What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is an option for young people to have access to consistent support, guidance, assistance and non-judgemental adult advice with anything that may be changing or in need of support in their life.

The aims of the mentoring scheme are:

  • To increase self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation
  • To reduce emotional distress and learning to cope with stresful situations
  • To help people feel in control of their life

Our Mentoring Programme

Our mentoring programme works directly with children, young person and families to help look at and assess their life choices and current situations. Together, we help to establish achievable goals in order to make small manageable changes to the present which will in turn alter the future into one where they are happy and in control.

What do the people who use our services think?

``A place I recommend to anyone going through life's challenges which is beyond their control. I got to a point where I gave up on life! but, my counsellor Wendy gives me reasons to give life another chance. Centre of Change is the only place I renew my strength and hopes for next the week and the only place I feel comfortable crying out my heart. Centre of change really changes my life every single day as I got to a point where I gave myself a time that if things does not change my last resort will be suicide 😥😭. Eventhough things hasn't really changed, Wendy,my counsellor always encourages me that there's Victory ahead. Thank you Centre of Change! Thank you Wendy! Thank you Ma'am Sarah.``

Jack B

Mentee - aged 14

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Centre Of Change contributes to promoting and managing well-being positively, within the community and its surroundings.