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I’m Diane and I’m an experienced English teacher. I have extensive experience of working in a range of schools in the Croydon and Bromley boroughs.

I am an English tutor for the service  and I have been a part of the organisation since 2008. I joined the team as a volunteer tutor, providing literacy and numeracy support to a range of children. My passion is educating and training.

When I set up the tutoring facility in 2010, it was in response to requests from local parents whose children had attended counselling or some of the sporting activities we had run over the previous two years. It was immediately popular, particularly with families in the Fieldway area, where we were based at the time. The majority of young people who came to us were primary pupils struggling with school work and  lacking confidence in their educational abilities. With small group sessions, these struggles soon became succeses, and we have been privileged to see the way many of these children blossomed and grew to love learning.

When we relocated to the Central Parade area of New Addington we recognised a changing clientele and had to adapt the service to meet the need of children and parents. We found we were getting enquiries from many parents of secondary children, right the way up to GCSE. We had to make the decision to limit our sessions to KS3 and KS4 pupils. We have also had to recruit a maths and science specialist – Sarah – as teaching to this level requires excellent subject knowledge.

Our vision is to see the tutoring service grow to accommodate, not only more pupils at the crucial KS3 and KS4 levels, but also the younger children – KS2 and even KS1, as we still get many requests from parents of these little ones.

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